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Georgia Rotary Student Program

  Rob Kellner
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GRSP History Data (recorded by J Bruce)

The three Rotary Districts in Georgia together operate a program, unique with Rotary, called the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP). This program brings approximately 70 foreign college students to Georgia for a year of college. Only Georgia Rotarians have a program of this nature, which is funded from several sources.  Seven dollars of District annual club dues goes to GRSP.  In addition members can contribute to GRSP's Endowment Fund.  District dues and the income from the Endowment Fund pay about 30% of the cost of the program.


A club (often in conjunction with another club) selects and sponsors a student and pays the remaining 70% of the cost of the student's tuition, books, housing and meals.  The office that handles the applications and visas and school logistics is in Savannah.  The president and the host family in the sponsoring club select their student each year from the applications screened by the GRSP office.  The whole class of GRSP students throughout Georgia meets together four times during their year here.  You may want to consider being a host family for your club's next GRSP student; the experience is priceless.

What is the Georgia Rotary Student Program?

Since 1946, Rotarians in Georgia, USA, have promoted world peace throughunderstanding by offering scholarships to international students for one year of study in Georgia colleges and universities. Georgia Rotary Clubs sponsor students recommended by a Rotary Club in their home country. The students become adopted members of a Georgia "host family," but live on-campus at the school they attend. This is a scholarship program, not an exchange! Each year, about 80 students from all over the world make friends in the United States and other nations and learn about differing cultures and life styles. Georgia Rotarians believe "Peace is Possible" and through GRSP promote international goodwill through the bonds of friendship and understanding.

Our Scholarship Covers:
The scholarship covers one scholastic year, from August to May, and is for undergraduate study in colleges and universities located in the State of Georgia.
Our Scholarship Pays:
1. tuition
2. book allowance
3. meals
4. college provided room
Applicant must provide:
1. transportation from country to USA and return
2. medical insurance
3. $3,000 spending money
4. any income taxes imposed by the government on the scholarship money
Eligibility Requirements:
1. must be 18 years but not 25 years of age by August 1 the year studies begin.
2. have not studied in the USA.
3. must be single and not cohabitate in any way for the duration of the scholarship .
4. must be an undergraduate student.

Tax Information:
Please be aware that scholarship recipients may be required to pay taxes on their scholarships to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Please visit the IRS website.