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District Grants
Qualify - Apply - Report - Get Paid


July 15 - MOU Due

July 15- Applications Due

Grant monies will be paid as soon as the Final Report is Filed and Approved by the District

No later than May 15

A. Hunt Thornhill 
District Grants Chair
Camden County Rotary Club


Joy Hurst
Vice Chair
Centerville Rotary Club




At least one club member attends Grants Training at District Assembly  
Saturday June 18, 2022- Dublin, GA   
Ideally, this would be the club's Grant Writer. 

2022-23 Grant Funds Available by Club
2022-23 MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
Collect signatures and upload to your Grant Application's Documents tab.
2022-23 Overview and Timeline




Apply via the Grants module of
Plan, but don't start spending until you receive District Approval.

The Club's MOU must be uploaded to the Documents tab.




Grant awards will be paid on a reimbursement basis. As soon as the project is finished, clubs may submit the Final Report for Reimbursement.

Critical Reminders:

Your Budget should be balanced, List expenses separately.

Complete the Documents tab by uploading itemized Receipts/Invoices of what was purchased and cancelled checks or copies of bank statements proving expenditure of funds.

Upload pictures under Images.

Complete the Final Report tab then click Submit to District for Approval

Final Report Instructions



Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants (April 2021)

The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies
The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies (April 2021)

Conflict of Interest Policy for Program Participants -- Section 30.040 of Code of Policies
Sexual Harassment Prevention Guidelines -- Section 30.050 of Code of Policies
Participation of Spouses and Other Family Members -- Section 30.060 of Code of Policies
Areas of Focus -- Section 31.010 of Code of Policies


2021-22 Approved Grant Awards